1. DRESSING THE WAX - The artist must then go over the waxes very carefully, to make certain all the detail is correct.

  2. THE CERAMIC SHELL - The waxes are then repeatedly dipped in a ceramic slurry, building up a rigid ceramic shell around the wax.

  3. POURING THE BRONZE - The ceramic shell is then heated, the melted wax is drained off (thus the name "Lost Wax Process"), and the bronze is poured in to take the place of the wax.

  4. FINAL ASSEMBLY AND "CHASING" THE BRONZE - The various sections of the piece are then assembled together and the artist again checks the finished piece to make sure all the details are correct and joints are invisible.

  5. PATINA AND FINISHING - The patina, or coloring, and the final protective finish are applied under the artist's direction.



Now you know why bronzes cost so much!


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