1. DEVELOPING THE IDEA - First, the artist "sketches" the idea into a small representation in clay. If the piece is being done on commission, the client will then consult with the artist to make sure she is on the right track. Once the general idea is approved, a larger and more detailed model is produced, often quarter scale.

  2. FULL SIZE CLAY - The artist then models a full-size version of the piece in clay, using an "armature", or framework, to support the clay. The client is brought in for a consultation and approval.

  3. RUBBER AND PLASTIC MOLDS - Two-part rubber molds are then made of the piece. A thick plaster "mother mold" is made over the rubber to support it when the waxes are made.

  4. WAX IMPRESSION - An exact wax impression is then made in the rubber molds, the thickness of the wax being about 1/4" to 3/8". The poured bronze will be the same thickness. Thus, the completed bronze will be hollow, like a chocolate Easter bunny.



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